We start here !


Haoy !

I’m super excited to finally open my blog !
It’s been a while you guys asked me a dev blog about my projects through my social media and here we go =)

So what can we except on this blog ?
Well.. Well.. I’ll give you my latest news from my various project as you guys know I’m involved in lot of companies around the world between my freelance works and entrepreneur busy life héhé (Is that french accents ??).
Mainly here you will find stuff from my Unity Assets Store such as discount, special news. I’ll keep you touch about how Serah’s grows as model & actress ! Did you guys know she is inside forbes magazine?? That’s huge for me !
I’ll also keep you update about my patreon. I’ll have some nice stuff to share with you and I’m pretty sure you guys will like it !
One things ! DO NOT HESITATE to contact me for any questions or suggestions about my projects or anything really ! I’m open minded :)

I don’t know what to say more.. Thanks a lot of your support it mean a lot for me !

Merci !

Serah playing Baba Yetu from Civilization V by Christopher Tin


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