Unity assets store #Quick summary

Hellow everyone !

As you probably know I have a shop in the Unity Assets Store. For now, I’m selling 3D’s characters in high poly mesh (but can be usable for mobile).
Right now here a short list of what I’m selling :

– Serah Reikka under Serah Fei name’s.
– Mia Locklace under Mia Lock name’s.
– Zhou Ma (male character).

Each characters come with a bundle and a standalone version.
Now you are asking « what is the difference between bundle’s and standalone version ? » .

Well.. Well.. It is simple. Bundle’s you will always find 4 outfits such as :

– One basic outfit (under wear for men and bikini for women).
– One casual outfit (Top/bottom and shoes).
– One Scifi outfit(Top/bottom and shoes).
– One Fantasy outfit(Top/bottom and shoes).

Prices of each bundle is 44.99 USD $ cheaper than most of 3D characters in Unity Assets Store…

The standalone version is only  » One basic outfit » and nothing more for a price of 12 USD$

Then if you have the bundle or the standalone version you can complete the wardrobe of your favorite character by buying outfits addon’s for 12 USD$.

By the time I’m writting this article I published more than 22 addon’s for Serah, Mia and Zhou !

« Why proposing those stuff as addon’s ? »
Simple ! If I build than in one bundle it will be expensive ! Also some users want only « Fantasy » character or « Scifi » stuff… By proposing those addon’s in standalone format it is very cheap and users can purchase the best addon’s for their favorite character for Serah, Mia or Zhou = ) .

So no worry ! I will every week publishing at least 3 addon’s for Serah and Mia my best seller so far !!

« Are you only do this for Serah, Mia and Zhou? »
No =) They will have more new characters ! It is just taking me some time and I want them excellent as possible ! So I’ll take my time and when I’m ready to add new character I’ll do it !

 » Can I have my own character from my draw/sketche for Unity or UE4 ? »
Of course ! You can mailing me and see what can I do for you ^^

My goal on this is to keep my prices low as possible and have a great assets for you guys.

In this blog every week I’ll do an article about what I published the past week on the Unity Assets Store.
Be very careful and check my article often as you can because I will drop some discount code up to 30% for my assets ! Do not forget to following me on my instagram @mialocklace for news but also discount code = )

Well.. That’s it for today !

Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestion I will be happy to reply you asap =D




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