Update & News

Helloow my dear little and cute readers !

Thank you for your lovely message and sorry to have been away for like a month…
I’ve been busy for some crazy projects involing Serah ! I can’t wait to share more here by the end of this month 😀

What about your unity shop ???
Yes I know it looks like I did not update any new content but thats wrong !! Unity team’s are soooooo slooow for validating new packages… I have more than 6 package in queue.. Be patient = )

What will be your next content ?
This is also why I’m doing this news !
I would like to introduce in prime time some collections that’s they should be online very soon on my Unity store. Keep in mind I’ve also a cubebrush or you can ask me by mail (hello@mialocklace.com) or via my instagram (@mialocklace).

Scyl – scifi collections :
You guys definitly like my scifi collections thanks to your various purchase (merci !).
Here a sneak peak of my last scifi collections : Scyl Outfit :
You can get it in 2 way : Wait until the unity assets store make them online or ask me in PM (20%off).





If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in my instagram !


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