Serah Reikka a rising star !

Hellow everyone !

Today we gonna talk a bit about Serah Reikka the fam’ virtual model & influencer = )

First of all.. Did you guys know I am her assistant ?? Yup ! That’s so great ! So if you wanna talk to her catch me first :p

As you probably know Serah Reikka is a famous virtual model acting mainly on instagram (@serahreikka). She doing professional photoshooting with brands or photographer etc. She is also a cosplayer when she have time and gamer ! Yes she is a nerds or geek if you speak french !



This year what a crazy time for my boss ! She got the privilege to be invited to the first world wide virtual fashion show from the famous Russian Fashion Week organized by Mercedes-Benz (No she did not get a car..) She got the pleasure to be model for Alexey Severin an Italian&Russian artist and Juan De La Paz a Bolivian brand !

Above all of this Serah was quoted by being among the 12th most famous virtual influencer in the world according to Forbes Magazine… AND THIS IS HUGE !
Thank you very much everyone for all of your support to her ! She is very thanksful and nothing could happened without your support !

Serah top influencer


Serah have an official website if you want more info’ about her.
If you are a brand, or a company looking for work with Serah please reach us here :

We are aware that you guys are looking for some « materials » about Serah such as « wallpapers », goodies etc.
I’m happy to say I am working on her « Patreon » and we will be able to share « exclusive » content over there !
Sooooo Stay tuned for more announcement !


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