Serah Fei HDRP on the Unity Assetstore !

Hellow folks !


This is it !
My new and last Serah Fei model is online in the unity assetstore !
Get it now with a 30% off during 2 weeks = ) 

This is the brand new style of Serah Reikka (don’t forget to follow me on instagram héhé). She fully rigged. Body and face ! Awesome model for making AAA cinematic.
As usual she is coming with a bundle which mean 4 type of outfits :

– Basic underwear pink bikini
– One casual dress outfit
– One scifi suit
– One fantasy outfit

They are all in PBR format and of course game ready = D

*One more things* This bundle come with Serah Fei Built-In standalone !

Can we have the same model for the Built-In version Mia ?
As you know I’m still updating sometime my Serah Fei Built-in version for a better using BUT changing the « all » model won’t be possible for now as it can ask me lot of time and after that I will have to change the price of the built-in version which is not necessarly for now !

But again, all of my models in Built-In will evolve and it will be a free update !

Built-In Outfits are they compatible for HDRP version ?
Unfortunately no… Serah HDRP is using a brand new squeleton + morphs for the facial mocap.
HDRP version is mostly used for AAA quality. Cinematic, or in game cute scene. This version is much much heavier than the built-in one and more detailed ! It will be same for the outfits Add-on.

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