Beyond Polaris

Shortfilm : The Children of the Stars

Awarded on the One Reeler of Los Angeles – December 2017

They never seen the light of the sun, they never feel the wind on their skin, they never touch the grass on their hands… We call them The Children of the Stars. They born on space and they never lived on planets… The young Serah Alec is one of them.

After her brillante study as a mechatronic engineers in Aldebaran University, Serah has been affected on the prestigious Jumpi station called Vega-51 inside the large Magellanic cloud in orbit around a mining planets : Reah. The mechatronic engineers have to keep safe the jumper interstellar, a big portal able to transport military and civilian people in other station anywhere in the galaxy. For her be a mechatronic engineers is a boring job… Everyday you doing the same things… But she don’t have the choice. The Children of Stars can only work in the space because of gravity… During a daily check-out outside the station, Serah seen a strange unidentified object coming from the nebula and getting into Reah orbit.

IMDb Page (English) Allociné (French)